60 Somethings Can Unite Our Country

Our generation is the truly educated generation. We have life experiences, along with our bookish ones. I mean outdoor, no supervision, on the run Experiences.

We are too smart to believe things without proof. We’ve heard too much, done too much, to believe theories because someone with a title promotes them.

Today’s “news” is a dangerous beast. Truth is buried in “entertainment” and opinion. Half truths are inserted into lies. It’s our generation that can guide conversations away from hatred and spite. We did it on the playground. We’ve done it in our families.

A single conversation isn’t much, but it’s a start. It’s up to our generation to declare Safe Zones where people are free to search for a way to keep America together, not pull it apart.

Photo by SHTTEFAN on Unsplash (The wounds in the paint, decades of rust on the metal, the dust of dried rain on the panes — and the broken glass— all visuals of challenges we face — and still, a hand reaches up. Thank you, SHTTEFAN, whoever you are. You have an eye for truth. CMC)

Through the eyes of a Motivational Writing/Reading Coach

My head is full of young adult literature. I love it. Sarah, Plain and Tall. The Call of the Wild, Holes, and for some, The Secret Life of Bees.

The best thing about YA Lit is justice. Justice, Plain and Simple. …

Shadows — Oil on canvas — Carol McClain Craver

a story of everlasting love

All love affairs don’t last forever. All dreams don’t come true. But sometimes love finds a place for itself, and it lives and grows and becomes more than the mere mortals it surrounds. It becomes a dream. And dreams, like the spirits within them, can live forever — even through…

What’s your favorite drink? Share your choice below.

He asked me sincerely, and full of the grape, what would you rather it be, tequila, a glass of dark wine, or a beer?

I considered his question hard.

“Wrong answer!” he denounced, with a prune for a face and a fist on the bar to make me jump.


Carol McClain Craver

Carol McClain Craver is Motivational Writing Coach. motivatewrite@gmail.com. Her Shadow of the Final Storm selected one of best of year by Readers’ Favorite.

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